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Job Title: Finance Strategist

The Finance Strategist reports to the CEO and provides independent and objective financial reviews of actual results, budgets, forecasts and long-term financial plans for development of a multi-year business growth strategy, investor positioning models and along-term business transition plan. Delivers essential insights and strategic recommendations to the CEO on credit risk management, contract management, business growth, profitability improvement, cashflow enhancement and corporate governance control.  Works closely to assist the CFO with reporting, analysis, controlling and auditing of the monthly financial results. Duties:
Minimum Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in Accounting or Finance, or foreign-equivalent degree; and 2 years of experience as a financial manager, finance strategist ora related financial management occupation. That experience must include the following knowledge and skills, which may have been gained concurrently:
Job Details: Full-time position at Background Investigations, Inc. located at 7668 SW Mohawk Street, Tualatin, Oregon 97062. 

Send resume to:
David Halseth, President/CEO, Background Investigations, Inc., 7668 SW Mohawk Street,Tualatin, 97062.